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01, Avenue du Musée, Himbi, Goma
Democratic Republic of Congo


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IZUBA, For a more electrifying Congo

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the electric load profile, battery technology, site configuration and other parameters, a fully installed and functional solar PV system of IZUBA will cost between 2250$/kW anc 4250$/kW (or 2.25$/W to 4.25$/W), in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Yes! Our solar PV systems can handle any type of loads thanks to excellent designs and robust equipment. We size our systems according to the customers needs and budget but quality and safety are the most important parameters.

Actually, they are not. Although diesel generators are relatively cheaper to buy, they only last five years on average. They cost a lot more during operations in terms of fuel and require much more maintenance. Solar PV systems however last up to 25 years for the panels and 10 to 15 years for the lithium batteries and inverters. They do not generally require any maintenance other than washing the solar panels when they are dusty.